We’re always looking for odd, interesting, or just plain massive items and materials for our upcoming designs and prototypes.  Here’s a short (but ever changing) list of things we’re currently looking for:

• Apple/Macintosh laptop/desktop keyboard keys
• Baseball bats (wood)
• Bowling balls
• Locker baskets
• Old store/retail displays/fixtures
• Stainless steel or metallic appliance door panels (dishwashers, refrigerators,etc.)
• Vintage signs

Don’t forget to become a fan of re:form on Facebook to keep-up on all the latest finds, lab experiments, and other events!  If you have some odd goodies you think we might be interested, feel free to contact us – we’re always on the hunt!

2 thoughts on “Wish List

    1. Hi Della! Since the blocks have been dedicated for a commissioned piece, we must fulfill our obligations for the project first. In the event that we have blocks available afterward, are there specific ones you are interested in?

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