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Writer’s Block: Reflections

As you can probably see, it's been a while since we last posted! Once thing's for sure, It's not because we've been ignoring our site, or our fans. It's because we've been focused on finishing Writer's Block, which has taken us more than a year to complete. If you would have asked us 16 months … Continue reading Writer’s Block: Reflections


We’re one of the top 500!!

BIG NEWS! We were notified yesterday that our work has been featured in a new book: "Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycled & Earth-Friendly Designs", by Patty K Wongpakdee. Here is a brief description of the book's focus: "Art Without Waste features 500 upcycled and Earth-friendly designs from cutting-edge designers, illustrators and artists around the world. … Continue reading We’re one of the top 500!!

Cleaned and sorted, but only halfway there.

After three months, we've finally completed soaking, scrubbing, and sorting the massive number of typeset blocks. Needless to say, our fingers are raw, the sink is trashed, but the blocks look GREAT! Here's a few shots of what the sink looked like immediately after completing phase 1. It took two hours to get most (80%) … Continue reading Cleaned and sorted, but only halfway there.

1…2…3 Tables!

We've officially been commissioned to do three customized Crunching Numbers G4 tables for a large company with offices in Israel! How cool is that!? Originally, the order was to do one table, but after tossing-around a few ideas, the order has now turned into two tables, with a third customized one on the way!

After a succesful Art Hop, time to get things photographed

We had a great turnout for the annual Midcoast December Gallery Hop, and we had great hosts! Many thanks to the entire crew of The Grape Life for being so supportive! Now that our limited-edition "Hexcentric" bookshelf/library table has been unveiled, it's time to get some real photographs shot and the info on our site! … Continue reading After a succesful Art Hop, time to get things photographed

Custom hardware is finally fabricated!

It's been a long journey. Many months ago, we first sketched our concept for our upcoming product (code name: "wedge"). Since then, we've found out just how complex simplicity can be. Like our other designs, we want an elegant yet simple aesthetic rather than unnecessary hardware. After several revisions to our design, we set out … Continue reading Custom hardware is finally fabricated!

Some great press on us in The Quad City Times!

A feature article about re:form was featured on the front page of the Home & Garden section of today's Quad City Times! Wow! We almost feel like celebrities! Here's a link to the story: http://qctimes.com/lifestyles/home-and-garden/couple-turns-castaway-parts-into-coffee-tables/article_f5b33e36-e889-11e1-b1dd-001a4bcf887a.html