The design that started it all. This coffee table is custom-made and individually hand-crafted from retired Macintosh G4s or G5s, and up to 70% reclaimed materials. Because of its unique tension-set design, we eliminated the need for excess glues, nails, screws, or other hardware. This coffee table will definitely be the topic of conversation in your home or office!

Here are just a few of our favorite combinations:

G4 editions start at $950 + tax and shipping*.
G5 editions start at $1,200 + tax and shipping*.

Options available, for an additional fee, include:

  • Custom glass shapes, tints, and textures
  • Custom spring colors or finishes
  • Custom chassis coatings or skins

While each table varies slightly based upon the reclaimed items used, the approximate dimensions are 42″W x 22″D x 19.5″H

Custom pricing varies by materials and scope. Customization may also affect reclaimed materials ratio, and some materials may only be available new. Please contact us for a quote on a table designed specifically for you!

US/DOMESTIC ORDERS – Taxes applicable in some states. Packaging and handling fees apply to all orders, plus shipping. All items are carefully and painstakingly packed and shipped directly to your home or office.