Custom hardware is finally fabricated!

It’s been a long journey.

Many months ago, we first sketched our concept for our upcoming product (code name: “wedge”). Since then, we’ve found out just how complex simplicity can be. Like our other designs, we want an elegant yet simple aesthetic rather than unnecessary hardware. After several revisions to our design, we set out to find the parts we needed. After consulting numerous hardware suppliers, tradesmen, and sifting through hundreds of catalogs, we found….nothing. That’s right, nothing.

We realized that in order to get certain aspects of the design right, we had to custom fabricate them. We tested many different designs and countless paper prototypes – finally settling on a one-piece design. We soon met with project managers at Crawford Company, and they advised us on the aspects of hardware that we had never considered – things such as total and shear load, as well as the pros and cons of using aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel. After reviewing all the options we decided on stainless steel for its durability, strength, and more appealing finish. Two weeks later, we have our laser-cut custom stainless steel hardware!

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