Welcome to re:form. We are a unique boutique that fuses up-cycling with modern form and function. In other words, we make upcycling damn sexy!

We find second lives for many commonly discarded products – items like computers, satellite dishes, plasma screens, and other technology, by transforming them into functional furniture, wall art, sculpture, and many other things.

We invite you to be re:formed by getting to know us and our products, and see what’s cooking in our design labs.

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Crunching Numbers

The design that started it all. This coffee table is custom-made and individually hand-crafted from retired Macintosh G3s, G4s or G5s, and up to 70% reclaimed materials. Because of its unique tension-set design, we eliminated the need for excess glues, nails, screws, or other hardware. This coffee table will definitely be the topic of conversation in your home or office!

Here are just a few examples of our color combinations:

Starting at $750 + tax and shipping*.

Options available, for an additional fee, include:

  • Custom glass shapes and textures
  • Custom spring powder coating (colors, metallic finishes, and other mixes)
  • Custom chassis coatings or skins

While each table varies slightly based upon the reclaimed items used, the approximate dimensions are 42″W x 23″D x 19.5″H

Custom pricing varies by materials and scope. Customization may also affect reclaimed materials ratio, and some materials may only be available new. Please contact us for a quote on a table designed specifically for you!

US/DOMESTIC ORDERS – Taxes applicable in some states. Packaging and handling fees apply to all orders, plus shipping. All items are carefully and painstakingly packed and shipped directly to your home or office.

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Writer’s Block

Our client wanted custom-built bookshelves for their home office, so this design had to fit their overall modern tastes, but also complement the large vintage desk in the center of the room. There was very little wall space, so the traditional vertical bookshelf was definitely out of the question. After reviewing all the possibilities, we decided this piece was going to have to be built to fit underneath either of two large windows on the east and west sides of the room, while still maintaining the desired book capacity.

After spending three months searching for the perfect media to work with, we finally found it in an old, classic relic: typesetter’s block. While many other artists have done large-scale mosaics using typesetter’s blocks, they are strictly 2-D. Keeping true with our design mantra, we decided to take it to a new level by making it 3-D.

To make the build possible, the left and right cubes that would be the focal point (both visually and structurally) had to be constructed with four panels. Just like siblings, each of the panels took on their own personality as we placed blocks, but still retained a slight bit of similarity. This personality also meant that some panels went very smoothly, while others fought us the entire way. To add a little fun to the unique personality of each mosaic, we worked-in many specific words (such as “family” and “Guyana”) that were meaningful to the family into the panels. After installing the piece, our client spent several hours exploring each side to see all the unique blocks, and to see where all the words were hiding!

The entire project took just over 8 months – mainly due to the labor-intensive steps of cleaning the blocks and building the mosaics. In the end, our client has a gorgeous one-of-a-kind bookshelf, and a great conversation starter that they can invite guests to “find all the words” on! Mission accomplished!

For a more detailed look at this project, we invite you can read “Writer’s Block: Reflections” on our blog, or watch how the project took shape on Facebook.

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Wish List

We’re always looking for odd, interesting, or just plain massive items and materials for our upcoming designs and prototypes.  Here’s a short (but ever changing) list of things we’re currently looking for:

• Apple/Macintosh laptop/desktop keyboard keys
• Baseball bats (wood)
• Bowling balls
• Large industrial-sized hardware/connectors
• Truck/SUV coil springs
• Locker baskets
• Old store/retail displays/fixtures
• Stainless steel or metallic appliance door panels (dishwashers, refrigerators,etc.)
• Vintage signs
• Old fuel cans/tanks

Don’t forget to become a fan of re:form on Facebook to keep-up on all the latest finds, lab experiments, and other events!  If you have some odd goodies you think we might be interested, feel free to contact us – we’re always on the hunt!

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Have something specific you want in your living room or office? We can build it.

Curious about our design process? We can answer.

If you have products or materials that may interest re:form, we’d love to hear from you!
Be sure to check our ever-changing “wish list” for current items. Please include a detailed description in your inquiries so we can get a good idea of what’s available!

No matter what your reason, you can always drop us a note at: reformdesigns@yahoo.com or 563.210.0884